lone or isolated grave sites

A rainmaker – unmarked grave, in the yard of an old rock house, ¼ to ½ mile east of the Weaver place, about 20 miles north of Ft. Sumner, NM. He was trying to seed clouds in an airplane with dynamite and blew himself and the plane up.

Riley, Birdie, 1895 – 1931; struck by lightning, buried where he was found and with his horse in Ted Elliot’s pasture, south of wire pens.

LOPEZ, Geraldine, 1909 – 1909, on Yorke Ranch, northwest of Ft. Sumner, NM, east of Lake Sumner.

WELSH, Baby, unmarked, buried in a fence line east of the Bailey’s ranch, north of Ft. Sumner, NM, could be on the boundries of De Baca and Quay County.

POWELL, Cynthia, buried 1 mile north and 1/8th mile east of the Weaver’s place, about 20miles north of Ft Sumner, NM.

(It has been said that the Casaus family buried their dead all over the Ft. Sumner area, usually where they fell, but no one seems to know their names or grave locations, said one lady in 1963, from the Clovis branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.)