fort sumner cemetery

The squares in the Fort Sumner Cemetery have been named by the High Plains Historical Foundation by a tombstone that is visible when driving through the cemetery. At the bottom of this page is a map to enable people not familiar with this cemetery to be able to locate a gravesite. Harold Kilmer
Picture taken by Don McAlavy June 2004.
Gate Fort Sumner Cemetery

Achen Square
Berroth Square
Claunch Square
DeFoor Square
Old Tree Square

Fort Sumner Cemetery has a rock fence on the side with the main gate. The other fences are wire. This map is presented here with the sections named by a prominent tombstone that can be easily seen. The tombstone is in the approximate location of the X. The squares in this cemetery were named by the High Plains Historical Foundation and all surveys of this cemetery site printed here are copyrighted by the High Plains Historical Fd.