casaus cemetery

On Yeso Creek in De Baca Caounty, New Mexico at the old town of Casaus, about 6 – 10 miles north and east of Ingleville. This is an old cemetery and has homemade tombstones that are old and worn. Surveyed by Susan Bailey Eldridge in 1990.

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2-2-11 OR 19

L. E. GA

Nov. 10, 1908


PERCTO (Perfecto is correct Spelling) CASAUS is buried in the church (now in ruins). (When Don Perfecto Casaus of Yheso Creek came to Ft. Sumner, in the early 1900s, he came with all of his family and those he employed in wagons trailing behind. H. R. Parslon Sr. said is was thought a Duke had arrived. Don Perfecto Casaus visits were usually a]gter the lamb crop had been sold, meaning good business for Ft. Sumner. From Living Waters book, page 188. Photo of church on Casaus land, page 4 and 128. )

11 more graves can be seen besides the ones that have some kind of marker shown above.