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 Updated list as of October 1997
(Identified by existing stones)
ABREAU, Manuel, Sr.; Manuel, Jr.; Alfredo Enriques; Odila M.; Emilia M.;
 Luz; Amalia; Luz B. Maxwell; Julian Maxwell; Pablita Jaramillo (She is
 Paulita Maxwell Jaramillo). (All these names are on one stone.)
ABREU, Manuel "Mannie", 9-18-1895 to 3-26-1940
 BEAUBIEN, Pablo, 1849-1903
 BEAUBIEN, Paul, 1893-1929
 BEAUBIEN, Rebecca A., 1855-1932
 BONNEY, William H., Billy the Kid, 11-23-1859-7-14-1881
 BOWDRE, Charlie, died Dec. 21, 1880
 FOOR, Charles W., 12-12-1850-1-20-1940
 FOOR, Sieberia Beaubien, no dates, raised by Indians,
 mother of eight, wife of Charles W. Foor
 GONZALES, Juanita, no dates
 GONZALES, Rumaldo, Sr., no dates
 HARRIS, Aaron Brown, 1861-1925
 HARRIS, Aron Brown, 1861-1925 (same as above)
 HARRIS, Edward B., 1916-1922, son
 HARRIS, Emma, 9-9-1895-4-4-1918
 MAXWELL, Lucien Bonaparte, 9-14-1818-7-25-1875
 MAXWELL, Peter, 4-27-1848-6-21-1898
 O'FOLLIARD, Tom, 1858-12-19-1880
 PALMER, Christian, 12-10-1900-7-3-1902
 SANDOVAL, Celestino, 5-19-1867-12-2-1950
 SANDOVAL, Isaac, 1862-1933
 SANDOVAL, Victoria G. 1874-1916
 SILVA, Jesus, father of Chano Silva
 SILVA, Maggie S. 1-4-1896-5-18-1922, Chano Silva's mother
 SILVA, L. F. (L. F. "Chano" Silva, age 80, still living in February 1998,
 has erected his headstone next to his father and mother. Chano claims
 he will be the last buried in this old military cemetery as he has a
 court order saying so!) 
Many unidentifed graves, including these six:
John FAIRES (Farris), killed by Barney Mason, Dec. 29, 1879
 Francisco GALLEGO, killed by Tom Moran
 John LEGG, killed on or around March 22, 1899
 Joe GRANT, killed by Billy the Kid, January, 10, 1880
 George PEACOCK killed by Jim. C. White in 1886
 Henry BEAUBIEN, killed by George Cook in a raid of the Fort Sumner postoffice 
and store in late January 1902 by the Mesa Hawks gang.
Between January 2, 1863, and February 1, 1868, twenty-two military burials
 were recorded in this old military cemetery:
STRUNK, Sanuel, Pvt., 1st Cavalry, N.M. Volunters, killed by Indians 1-2-1863.
 CRUIS, Marcus, Pvt., 1st Cav., N.M. Vols., died of intermitant fever 10-5-1864
 CRUTCHFIELD, Albertin, Pvt., 1st Cavalry, Colorado Volunteers, cause of death
 12-8-1864 unknown
 LUSBY, Robert, Capt., A.A. Gen. U.S. Vols., "took by mistake a vial of poison",
 died 2-20-1865
 CHAVES, Juan, Pvt., 1st Cav., N.M. Vols., died of pneumonia 3-30-1865
 WALSH, Philip, Hospital Stewart, U.S.A., delirium tremours 4-25-1865
 BERNEY, Joseph, Capt., 1st Cav., N.M. Vols., cause of death unknown 10-7-1865
 DOUGHERTY, William, Pvt., 1st Cav., Col. Vols., Congestive Fever 12-7-1865
 MAURPAS, Juan, Pvt., 1st Cav., N.M. Vols., pneumonia12-21-1865
 TANRY, Patrick, Pvt. 5th U.S. Suply, apoplexy, 7-7-1866
 JOHNSON, Patrick, Pvt., 5th U.S. Suply, accidently shot by a comrade 1-15-1867
 FRIEL, Hugh, Cpl., 3rd U.S. Cav., died from accute rheum., 5-3-1867
 EDWARDS, William C., Cpl., 3rd U.S. Cav., shot by a comrade near Puerto de Luna, 
 ECKLEY, William J., Lieut., 5th U.S. Infantry, central congestion 6-20-1867
 DEVINE, John, Pvt., 3rd U.S. Cav., killed with arrows in a skirmish with the
 Navajos 7-9-1867 
COOK, James, Pvt., 3rd U.S. Cav., fight with Indians near Fort Sumner 7-9-1867
 WHITE, Edward, Pvt., 3rd U.S. Cav., fight with Indians near Fort Sumner 7-9-1867
 KERR, William, Pvt., 3rd U.S. Cav., fight with Indians near Fort Sumner 7-9-1867
 LEE, John, Pvt., fight with Indians near Fort Sumner 7-9-1867
 JOHNSON, Edward, Citizen, Employee in Quartermaster Dept., killed while resisting
 arrest 10-12-1867
 HEDGECOOK, Thomas, Pvt., 37th U.S. Inf., cause of death unknown 11-17-1867
 EPPLE, William, Pvt., 3rd U.S. Cav., cause of death unknown 2-1-1868
In 1906 these 22 bodies, which according to the military records were "on the
 western side of the cemetery" were disinterred and reburied at Santa Fe National 
Cemetery on March 8 in graves 674-695.
In the St. Anthony's cemetery in old part of Ft. Sumner are the graves of
 JESUS SILVA and his wife. Jesus was Billy the Kids friend and credited with
 digging his grave, died at age 98 in 1940. Both his and his wife's markers
 were stolen,)

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